Betty Ibarra entered the 5-year housing program in 2013 and had been unsuccessful in obtaining steady employment. Despite her eager determination to find work, Betty felt she had aged out of employability, and without steady work experiencewas doubtful she would ever find a steady job.

Betty’s prospects looked brighter when she received assistance through the Workforce Development Board with updating her resume and career counseling. She was given job leads on a frequent basis and guidance on how to fill out those job applications. When Betty landed an interview, she practiced her interview techniques with her counselor. The WDB offered to help her with transportation when she secured employment.

Betty was offered the position as a customer service representative at a manufacturing company where she finally obtained the steady, permanent employment she so desired. Betty is thankful for the services the WDB provided to her and is looking forward to self-sufficiency. “I know that finding employment was the first step to becoming self-sufficient and meeting my goals.”