Natresha Cole was an on-call substitute teacher, waking up many mornings uncertain whether she would be called to work or not. In addition to the inconsistent work hours, Natresha was hopscotching from one school to the next. Her aspirations were to become a teacher with her own classroom.

The Workforce Development Board brought Natresha’s dreams closer to fruition when she received assistance at the East Valley America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) in San Bernardino where she learned how to upload and submit her resume and polished her interview skills. She was also advised on what should be included and omitted from her resume.

Today Natresha is now a teacher with her own classroom and is employed at least 35 hours a week. ‚ÄúThis assistance impacted my life because it helped me achieve my goal to get a position as a teacher,” said Natresha. “Your program services have truly helped me to feel that I can get any job I want as long as I know how to apply for it.”