Priscilla Zerr was homeless and couch-surfing at friends’ homes, living on $4,500 a year she received in the form of alimony.  She had plans to become a respiratory therapist, but could not afford the training.

At the Workforce Development Board High Desert America’s Job Center of California, Priscilla received individual counseling, career assessment, and skills training.  Additionally, she received funding to attend American Career College in Ontario.

Priscilla graduated from respiratory therapy school and passed all the medical boards in the span of just one month.  The next month she was offered two positions.  She currently works at Desert Valley Hospital earning $25 per hour as a per diem respiratory therapist.  She was extremely grateful and wrote a letter to Workforce Development Specialists Dina Santangelo and Steven Sessler, thanking them for the positive impact they had on her as she progressed through the program.