Robert was barely making ends meet, earning minimum wage at various dead-end warehouse positions when he discovered he and his wife were expecting their first child. Desperate to elevate their financial situation, Robert reached out to the WDB to explore career opportunities where he could achieve self-sufficiency.

He received career counseling during which he and his counselor determined the career pathway he wanted to pursue. Robert received the funding needed to attend Wind Turbine Technician training, which he completed successfully.

Fortunately, Robert had three offers of employment before he completed his training program, and decided to accept E.U. Montage’s offer as a blade technician. He earned $21 per hour during his training period, including per diem pay. Robert’s earnings will increase as he advances in his position, and he is on track to do so. He is enthusiastic about his newfound career and is thrilled to be able to provide for his young family. “I want to thank the WDB for not only helping me, but my family as well.”