Steven William couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a flyer offering “Paid Job Training in the Construction Field”.

He had become frustrated because of his difficulty in finding employment, “I was putting applications in at any place that was hiring, but was told that I needed experience or they just didn’t call me back. I could not afford to pay for training; I felt trapped, frustrated and confused. When I saw the flyer offering training and it said the services are free I thought it was too good to be true.”

Steven’s goal was to find a job either working with his hands or teaching kids how to play sports but he felt it was unlikely he’d get a chance to do either.

After taking work readiness training at the WIB-funded Provisional Education Services Center he soon knew how to correctly fill out applications, answer interview questions and present a great resume.

“I also took a Construction 10 vocational training course. When I finished the construction classes I had certification in four areas of the construction trade. I worked for eight weeks as a construction trainee during work experience. I did my work so well that I was made a Lead a few weeks after entering training,” explained Steven.

A down turn in the economy however meant construction jobs were hard to find so Steven received assistance in applying for a job working with kids at the YMCA. His excellent interview skills landed him the job of part time summer camp aide, teaching sports. He has since been promoted to full time site leader and received a pay rise.

“If I had not picked up the flyer and taken the time to read it, and find out more about the program, I don’t know where I would be today. I am still employed and loving what I do,” added Steven.

“I also had a lot of mentors that really cared about me, and helped me in many ways to get what I need done to get a job and be a better person. Thank you.”