For small business owners, the expense of hiring and training new employees can make the difference between turning a profit or not.  One such business owner is Tim Young of Tim Young Underground, a family-run construction company.  After acquiring a great new housing project, the company needed to hire additional staff.

Tim maximized the business benefits of the San Bernardino County Workforce Development On-the-Job Training Program which provides partial wage reimbursement to employers during a new hire’s designated training period, up to 90 days.  “When I heard the program would pay half of the new hire’s wages, it was very appealing to me because it would save me money,” Tim said.  Shellie Swanston from the Workforce Development Board’s Business Services Team made all the necessary arrangements.  This included interviewing and hiring a new employee, finalizing the contract and bank paperwork for the company to receive the reimbursement via direct deposit.

Tim was so impressed with the program that he signed up for it a second time.  “This was tremendously helpful to our business.  I was able to obtain highly motivated employees to join my team,” Tim recounted. The program serves as a benefit to job seekers as much as it does employers by providing them the opportunity to earn money while being trained in a new profession or skill.