With business picking up, pneumatic trucking company Valley Bulk, Inc. has begun recruiting additional drivers.

The 2008 recession hit the company hard – reducing the number of trucks in operation from 65 to just 40. However, with business on the rebound, the firm has now returned to running a full capacity fleet.

In the last six months, Valley Bulk hired five new drivers through the San Bernardino County WIB’s On-the-Job Training program.

The program reimburses employers who hire workers with a skills gap – paying up to 50 percent of a new employee’s salary while they learn the new position.

“I wouldn’t normally take on drivers without experience but I found this program to be a win-win situation for both the employee and our company,” said Lloyd McCoy of Valley Bulk.

McCoy learned about the On-the-Job Training program from a newly qualified driver who came into the company’s Victorville offices to apply for a job.

“I explained that employing a driver without experience would mean another driver having to spend several weeks with him to train him, which would be a cost to the company. However, when he told me he was eligible for the WIB program, and how it works, I was happy to give him a job.”

McCoy has since hired four more drivers through On-the-Job Training and believes the program is extremely beneficial to small companies like Valley Bulk.

“I feel it’s important to help newly qualified workers because it’s often difficult to get a job with no experience. Without the WIB, I would not be able to offer this opportunity to local residents. I will continue to use the service as long as it’s available.”